When you see a smoker do you automatically cover your mouth and nose? When you see a smoker do you automatically move your children to the other side so they are not exposed as much as possible to the smoke? Thankfully, with the advent of the electronic cigarette, many of those issues are no more.

Smokers are well aware that smoking is very harmful to their health and those around them. They are aware and many do feel remorse over that fact, while a minority does not care what anyone think about their smoking and its effects on them and others. With the Electronic cigarettes smokers can continue to enjoy the sensation they have when they smoke, but now they do so without the tar, the choking smoke and less nicotine. 

Because an electronic cigarette does not produce the smoke that is filled with tobacco and tar and nicotine that is harmful to theenvironment and to others in the form of second hand smoke, smokers are now allowed to join friends and co-workers not only at work but for social gatherings as well. Instead of being told to go outside or to another building for smokers only, smokers can now remain with their co-workers and be active members of department meetings and projects. They can now go out on social gatherings with friends and family and not have to stand off to the side from everyone. They can now be the life of the party as they help everyone to have a good time as they all enjoy each other’s company. 

Electronic cigarettes are less harmful to the environment. No longer will you be bothered by the unsightly scene of cigarette butts all over the place. Those days are gone as the Electronic cigarettes uses plastic cartridges which can be used over and over again.  There is a cost benefit as well. No longer do you have to have to worry if you have enough cash on hand to buy your next pack of cigarettes. With the electronic cigarettes, you just buy the kit which includes the cigarette, charger and battery pack. How long that last will depend upon your usage of it but the overall cost will be a savings you see and love.