Have you ever stood next to someone who had bad body order? How about someone who just finished playing a game of basketball with his neighborhood friends? Yes it smells, but you can wash away the smell, but there is one smell that is very difficult and close to impossible to washout, cigarette smoke.

On a typical day the average smoker gets up and starts his day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. By the end of the day, that same worker will have smoked on average 10 packs of cigarettes according to Not only is that 10 packs of cigarettes that are filling up the smoker’s lungs, staining his teeth and burning a hole in his pocket as he continues to buy replacement cigarettes. Those same cigarettes are creating and leaving the smell into the smoker’s clothes that do not go away.

By smoking those 10 packs of cigarettes a day, the smoker, even if he or she do was their clothes regularly, over time the smell of the smoke as well as fallen ash from the cigarettes gets embedded into the fabric itself and once that happens the smoker is forced to buy a brand new wardrobe. Now, some smokers will not mind this at all because they are millionaires and they like shopping for clothes as well,. The vast majority of smokers; however, be pinching pennies as they struggle with their nicotine fix and clothes’ bill. If these smokers were to use the electronic cigarettes instead of a regular cigarette, many of these issues would go away.

An electronic cigarettes, unlike a regular cigarette does not burn. It is battery powered so there is no flame and therefore no burnt holes into the smoker’s clothes which will allow them to last longer. There is no smell with the electronic cigarettes as there is with a traditional cigarette so the smoker’s smoke does not bury itself into his or her clothes. That alone will save hundreds of not thousands of dollars every year on laundry costs.