Dangerous Electronic Cigarettes?

Earlier last year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention came up with a study that surprisingly, indicated cigarette brands made in the United States have a significantly higher level of carcinogenic substances compared to brands made in other countries. The amount of tobacco-specific nitrosamines is about three times higher than what cigarettes made in the UK, Canada, and Australia contained. Cigarettes brands made in the same country, also have different levels of carcinogens in them. While they may have different levels, the CDC said, cigarette smoking is hazardous to one’s health no matter which brand they use.

Electronic cigarettes, unlike regular cigarettes, do not have tobacco. Although smokers still receive their need for nicotine, the other carcinogenic substances like carbon monoxide and tar, are not present. This alone should make e-cigarettes universally accepted as a great alternative to cigarette smoking. This, sadly, is not the case.

The same CDC that came out with the study mentioned earlier, also came up with a study conducted on two brands of e-cigarettes and found that they contain minute traces of nitrosamines, which is a carcinogenic substance found in conventional cigarettes. CDC calls for the strict control and prohibition of the selling of these devices, pending approval from the agency. Various State legislatures concerning the use of e-cigarettes have been approved, based on this CDC report.

If the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited, previous users, which accounts somewhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of users, will have to resort back to smoking standard cigarettes. This includes brands made in the US, which CDC said contained higher levels of dangerous substances. Between a regular cigarette that contains thousands of known harmful substances and electronic cigarettes that contain small traces of nitrosamines, it does not take an expert to suggest that e-cigarettes pose far less danger than what regular cigarettes offer.