Electronic cigarettes and its social downfall

Electronic cigarettes are one of the technological breakthroughs if this time. Who would not like the idea of having a cigarette that gives you all this positive sensations and yet sweeping all of this bad effects? This opportunity is not available not until a couple of years. It gives you the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. When inhaling thru the device it triggers its sensors that cause it to produce water vapor and a just amount of nicotine to make you feel like puffing a commercialized cigar. It also produces a tobacco flavor that come in different variety like strawberry, banana, chocolate and a lot more choices to sooth your smoking desires.

But is your social life going to agree with this technology? Are Electronic cigarettes made to cope up with the standards of your social life and capabilities? Take for example a certain scenery in a bar. Your friends go out to puff a few sticks and you with them, do you have the guts to pull an electronic cigar in front of them. With all the highs and feeling of being competitive and overpowering them. To think that this will make it hard for you to cope up because only you can process this device and you friends are using a standard cigar. So, just to par with you will be forced to smoke the same type of cigar as them. And to examine the situation and essence of these Electronic cigarettes it is just like fooling yourself to smoke an imaginary cigar. Because the taste is not certainly not that identical and smoking water vapor does not make sense because the smoke quickly evaporates into thin air. Enjoying it is not actually the perfect word to describe it. It is more like tricking yourself. Have your research first because you might regret buying this expensive suit of technology.