Electronic Cigarettes Are Good News To Non Smokers

All over the world, the ones suffering more from smoking related disease are not just smokers. In fact, non smokers are even more affected. Several cases have been observed and studied. Despite the fact that these people were not smoking, they had the same sickness as that of those who smoked. This is primarily because of the fact that second hand smoking is more dangerous than actual smoking. Thus, when the new invention called electronic cigarettes came out; it has immediately paved the way for the non smokers to celebrate.

First of all, this cigarette might be termed as such, but it is not really like the actual cigarette. The difference here is that these cigarettes do not contain the same harmful chemical that regular cigarettes have. These might contain a very little percentage of nicotine, but it has no tar and other harmful chemicals included in the manufacturing of actual cigarettes.

This is why despite the fact that smokers continue smoking using these electronic cigarettes; they will still not suffer the consequences. It is even termed as healthy smoking by some other experts. Of course, if it does not affect the smoker, the non smoker present while the smoker is smoking will be left unharmed too. The only problem here is that these cigarettes are a bit expensive. There are also not so many local shops selling it.

Well, this is nothing to be worried of. Due to the popularity of electronic cigarettes, it has been widely available over the net! Many companies have distributed it already since it is popular not just in the US but all over the world. It has even been recommended by a few experts due to the fact that it is health free. Indeed, these electronic cigarettes are great news!