Electronic Cigarettes: Effective Smoking Alternative

Electronic Cigarettes are the talk of the town as far as people who want to quit smoking are concerned. Also known as the e-cigarette, it provides effective simulation of the experience of actual cigarette smoking, but without health or even legal issues that surround the use of traditional cigarettes.

Indeed, e-cigarettes might resemble and taste like normal cigarettes; however, they function differently in many ways. First of all, there is no actual tobacco being burned. Instead, when one inhales from e-cigarette, its flow sensor is activated, and releases water vapor that contains such ingredients as propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent meant to simulate tobacco flavor. All these components work to provide nicotine fix to users without taking in all the other harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes such as glue, tar, hydrocarbons and a number of additives.

Aside from the fact that Electronic Cigarettes are healthier than normal ones, they are also considered wholly legal. This is because the product has no tobacco, which means a user can smoke them just about anywhere such as restaurants, public vehicles, bars and even on planes. The use of e-cigarettes means one can smoke freely without worrying about the possibility of endangering the health of others, unlike in normal cigarettes which automatically produce deadly second-hand smoke.

The cartridges of e-cigarettes are intended to be filled with flavors and nicotine. Users may choose from a variety of flavors such as apple, menthol and strawberry. On the other hand, nicotine strengths can be had in light, medium and full. These levels of strength on nicotine make the product not just a mere alternative to normal smoking but likewise an effective means to stop the habit altogether.

Suffice it to say, for smokers who are interested in trying a healthier smoking alternative, they can very well give Electronic Cigarettes a chance. When an individual decides to find freedom from traditional smoking, e-cigarette might just be what he is looking for.