Electronic cigarettes may be your answer

Bad smoking habits are a step closer to having a life threatening disease like cancer in the lungs. You will never know when will it hit you miserable or when will it avalanche its way to your life. If you care about certain things in your life like your health and the people around you should stop smoking. Chain smoking can hurt you silently and kill you slowly and you should be aware of it. So that it will be pondered for help in case your situations will be critical and your life will be at risk.

Electronic cigarettes are claimed to be a safer way of smoking than a standard cigar. And a way to feed your addiction in a much healthier way. It is battery powered and is available almost everywhere, online, in local stores, department stores, and other business establishments. It can give you an odorless amount of nicotine and a variety of available flavorings without tar and other harmful additives to it. The smoke that is made from a water vapor can easily disperse into thin air and showing no signs of smoking. Not to mention is tobacco-like smoke that will surely sooth your cravings the electronic cigarettes are not approved by the government and are currently not studied so it did not stop a vast amount of smokers to use electronic cigarettes in public places where cigarettes are banned and illegal, malls, restaurants, bars, terminals, piers, and even airports. Anti-smoking groups pleads to the government to study the product electronic cigarettes because the components of the device have certainly not tested to be safe so safety precautions must be imposed upon usage. They claim that is safety is only a rumor and must provide fact about its safety because the device today has been constantly being abused.