Electronic Cigarettes – Smoking Without the Health Dangers

Ever more and more people are now aware of the dangers that smoking brings; many have tried – and failed – to quit the smoking habit. Smokers, in their desire to quit, have tried almost every other smoking cessation items that are available in the market such as nicotine gums and patches. Unfortunately, a good percentage of smokers to want to kick the habit are not at all successful.

Available in the market today are the newest smoking cessation products, which are the electronic cigarettes, likewise known as electric or e-cigarettes. They are created to mimic real cigarettes and even emit artificial cigarette smoke, which in reality does not contain tobacco. Users of this type of cigarette inhale smoke-like nicotine vapor but without the harmful carcinogens which are normally found in ordinary tobacco smoke.

electronic cigarettes consist of nicotine cartridges, which contain nicotine in liquid form. As an e-cigarette smoker inhales, a small battery-operated atomizer transforms a part of nicotine into vapor. If the user inhales nicotine vapor, this provides him with nicotine hit that lasts in seconds unlike with gums or patches in which hit lasts longer, usually in a few minutes. As the cigarette is in use, there is an orange glow at the tip which is meant to simulate a lit real cigarette.

The product’s nicotine cartridges are available in different strengths. However, most brands have full and half strength as well as minimal strength options. Available degrees of strength are meant for people who have different decisions when it comes to quitting smoking. For those who want to stop immediately the habit, they can opt for the minimal strength. However, many users decide that it is best for the strength to be reduced gradually for a more effective quitting.

Indeed, a large number of users of electronic cigarettes swear to the effectiveness of the product. This is the reason why e-cigarettes have become immensely popular. They are now being used in clubs and public places with smoking bans. Who knows? Years from now, they might become a serious replacement to real cigarettes.