Electronic Cigarettes Over Quitting?

Since the production of electronic cigarettes, it has already been debated whether this is a good alternative for quitting or not. The manufacturers of these electronic cigarettes are also encouraging these smokers to shift to this. It is primarily because of the fact that these cigarettes are risk free. They can still feel the essence of smoking without necessarily getting sick. There are no addictive and dangerous substances in it. This includes nicotine, tar, tobacco, and many more. These manufacturers were able to find ways in order to create the same cigarette with the same kick using some alternatives.

On the other hand, there are still those who believe that if they don’t want to run the risk of smoking, they have to permanently stop. This is because of the fact that smoking can really kill them, be it the usual cigarette or electronic cigarettes. Though e- cigarettes manufacturers, claim that they produce risk free cigarettes, there is still no assurance to it. In short, it would be better to just quit smoking.

Now, the problem of those who quit smoking is that they suffer from several things .They suffer mentally since they still crave for smoking. They are also suffering from different diseases as these will show now that they have already stopped the use of the abusive substance.

Well, there are really two sides to it. Some physicians would still advise them to just quit smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therapists also advise the same thing. They assured the smoker that they will be there during the entire process. However, here come the electronic cigarettes manufacturers claiming that their product is the best alternative. In short, they would want smokers to choose these over the other options. With these different choices, in the end it is the smokers’ prerogative to choose which of these options the best is for them.