Electronic Cigarettes: What Are They Really For?

Even if the Surgeon General’s Warning covers 90 percent of the package of cigarette, people will still find it hard to kick the habit. Many have tried quitting smoking, and while a number of them succeeded, many of them failed. Depending on the manufacturers’ claim, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are either designed to help those people end their struggles or they are designed to be used for recreational purposes only. There are no definitive studies yet to confirm or refute these manufacturers’ claims because e-cigarette is a relatively new invention.

Smoking is an addiction and getting it out of their system may seem impossible for some smokers, especially when they’ve been smoking for many years already. Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, there are nicotine patches out in the market. These nicotine patches helped a bit. However, there are people that are not satisfied with using these patches because they are craving for some other things apart from their perceived need of nicotine. Dealing with nicotine addiction is one thing, but smokers trying to quit also need to deal with some of the habits associated with smoking. What are those?

Many long time smokers trying to quit claim they feel agitated when they do not have anything to hold between their fingers. They also miss the sensation of seeing smoke and inhaling them. Again, this is because smoking has become a habit and not just an addiction. With the advent of electronic cigarettes, these two routines will no longer be a problem. Instead of a real cigarette, they have a replica of it between their fingers and they can still puff smoke out of it. There are even e-cigarettes that have red LED lights at the other end that lights up every time smokers puff on it, to mimic that of real cigarettes.