Entrance to smoking

Years before when I was still a step ahead of being a toddler, I always see adults puffing out smoke in their noses or mouth using this cotton-like roll of paper that can be lit up. Out of curiosity I tried to copy them, adults that time will not let me try and starts to nag about things like “it’s dangerous” or “don’t ever try do this or that” others just laughs out my request and gives me a candy instead. Still my curiosity got the best out of me and tried it secretly. I found a paper and rolled it vertically. After a while I lighted it up with a lighter just like what the adults do. There I found myself coughing as hard as I could because of the unreasonable taste that passed thru my tongue and nostrils. After that I decided not to try anything like that ever again. I thought that was the last electronic cigarettes encounter that I’ll ever taste but I was wrong.

College came and it seemed like everybody is doing it. Despite of my previous childhood miserable experience I decided to try it once more now that I am more capable. There it was, the start of the so-called addiction process that is rampant in almost all adults and young adults such as myself. To tell you honestly I did not feel anything remarkable about smoking and decided to do it occasionally only because the unpleasant smell did not suit my personality.

Other people are intensely attached to smoking. I will describe it as their form of breathing. Because they barely can not stand a minute without puffing a cigarette. A cigarette offers harmful effects to the whole body. Other smokers realized this so they stopped smoking or started to switch to electronic cigarettes where is had little risk. An electronic cigarette is handier also economical. Are the electronic cigarettes the answer to cigar addiction? Try it and find out.