Food on the Table

In today’s world, especially in the current market, everyone from the CEO of IBM to your next door neighbor is watching their bottom line. Its common place to see the average worker today getting up and going to work at 7AM in the morning and returning home at 8PM. He does this so that he can support his family and loved ones.

A typical employee is working at a firm or performing the duties of a job he or she does not like but the faithfully show up and give a honest day of work so long as their family and loved ones are provided for. But what is to be done with an addict? It has been proven that an alcoholic and drug abusers have and will still from their family and friends so that they can feed their addiction. Though it is not attached with the same social label of alcoholism and drug abuse, smoking is just as much an addiction as these two and just as hard to beat.

So you have the family provider and he or she genuinely wants to provide for their family and loved ones; however, there is that nicotine fix that they must have. So what do they do? What can they do? Like most are on a fixed budget even though they are working and working very well. Still they have the craving that will not go away on its own.  So they are forced with a hard decision; continue to provide for their loved ones or give in to their personal demons and buy more smokes.

With an electronic cigarettes, the smoker is given more options. He or she can still provide for their families but they do not have to spend the available cash on hand to do it. An electronic cigarettes is battery powered and he comes with plastic cartridges that over time will cost less and leave more for the needs of the family. And when the nicotine urges pop up, as they most certainly will, all that the smoker needs to do is plug the electronic cigarettes into its charger and inhale to his or her hearts content.