Issues Surrounding The Release Of Electronic Cigarettes

Though electronic cigarettes have gained immediate attention upon its release, it was not all clear and safe road for the manufacturers. Though these products seemed so popular to the target audience, it has received tons of criticisms and questions from the government, non- believers, and skeptics. This is why in this article, we will try to unfold some of these issues linked to the release and selling of these e- cigarettes.

First of all, there are some scientists and researchers who are in doubt about the content of these cigarettes. They will never have the same kick and flavor if the ingredients from the actual cigarette were not removed. More than that, there were studies regarding some brands. These studies have proven that some of them are not really faithful to what they have promised to the people. The products that they sell still contain dangerous chemicals and are not advisable for release.

Another problem in regards to electronic cigarettes is its manner of production and distribution. Since they are widely available all over the net, it is possible for kids to immediately get them. As a result, they can also smoke this thing. Unlike local stores and cigarette shops that can easily be controlled, there is pretty much less control over the web, especially for those who have access to the net and credit cards to buy the product.

Finally, there are also issues in regards to the permits of these manufacturers. There are some states that will no longer allow them to sell the said electronic cigarettes within the state. There are also some laws that will regulate it. Some other states have already followed. Though these manufacturers still have a huge market, time will come that if all states will ban the selling, everything else will be closed.

Well, we can never be certain about it. Let us just wait and see what researches can provide as well as what the government will do when it comes to regulation.