Ordinary cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

There is a vast amount of negative cases that are due to cigars. It is one of the most harmful discoveries of a century and yet there are a lot of people who is engaging to it because of its so called unexplainable sensation. Electronic cigarettes came into the picture and claiming that using the device you smoke in a healthier way both ways, to yourself and to others. The idea of these electronic cigarettes is extremely dreamy and unbelievable but is the said claims actually true? Cigarette smoking imposes a critical amount of danger to babies. Lots and lots of cases places certain abnormalities caused by smoking have been reported to recoil to the babies. Because babies can not control certain things they are not responsible for inhaling smoke so parent should not let a baby inhale even a bit of smoke.

Will the use of electronic cigarettes make this danger to disappear? Are you certain that an electronic cigarette can give you your smoking habit while a baby is in the vicinity and is confident enough to let the baby smell it? Or do you trust the product so much that you are willing to risk someone’s health such as a baby’s. Cigarette smoking is indeed dangerous to your health. But the electronic cigar’s health claims has no hard facts or whatsoever just pure not experimented and not tested claims. With all the hard facts that they impose to people and to the public. Their claims are not tested so, are you willing to take a chance in the name of your health just for the sake of taking that unexplainable sensation that you crave. That soothing and relaxing feeling that you taste once you started smoking can only damage you and may very well be the only thing that stands before between your heath (or people around you) and a life threatening disease.