Problems Associated With Electronic Cigarettes

Companies selling electronic cigarettes have already released different ads and campaigns to promote their product. The main premise of these cigarettes is that they are very safe and will not cause any health risk. More than that, they are also available everywhere and are will not in any way affect non smokers who will just inhale what smokers give off. In fact, there are even some companies that would claim that since they have eliminated nicotine, tar, and tobacco, they have replaced it with something better- vitamins! This is why a lot of people are going crazy over these e- cigarettes. Now, in as much as these bubbles are not to be burst, there are a few studies lately that can prove that these cigarettes are not really safe.

Yes, they might not have nicotine in huge amount, but this one is already melted and combined with some other substances which can even be more dangerous to the health. Next is that, there is really no control over the content sold by some manufacturers. They might claim to have safe ingredients only, but they still add the factors that would give these electronic cigarettes its kick!

Not to mention the fact that most of the advertisements over online stores cannot be checked right away. Who knows what kind of cigarettes do they sell? The government has a very little control over these stores. More than that, these stores can market all over the world. This means that even children who have access to credit cards and internet can go ahead and buy these electronic cigarettes.

This is why there are a few states in the US that have already passed laws concerning the regulation, and even banning of these cigarettes. Yes, they might be safe, but there a few studies that will still give everyone the slightest doubt about its safety.