As we go about our daily duties we encounter people of all shapes and sizes. Some are very attractive such as Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson. Some are very athletic such as Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. There are those who can by sheer strength of will stop doing a harmful habit no matter what it is. Sadly there is a habit that is very difficult to stop on your own and help is needed to help those afflicted to stop. That habit is smoking. Luckily, there are a number of support programs, both those you have to pay for and those that are free to the addicted smoker that have been effective in helping smokers kick the smoking habit.

According to among the more effective anti-smoking programs available for smoker trying to quit are 800-Quit now, Become an, and Boilerplate points. There are of course many others but these are the ones that have the highest success rates in helping the smoking addict quit. Among the methods these organizations use is peer pressure.

Just like in the world famous Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) a proven technique in helping an addict, whether they are addicted to alcohol or smoking is a support system of friends and other addicts trying to stop. By having another in the same situation as you are, the addict has someone they can relate too. Who will say and push the right ‘buttons’ to encourage and strengthen his fellow sufferer to not ‘fall off the wagon but to push on to the finish.  

As these smokers strive to quit they know that they cannot stop completely so they will use a crutch in the form of the electronic cigarettes to aid them in their fight against smoking. The electronic cigarettes look and feels just like a regular cigarette. But the electronic cigarettes does not contain tobacco, tar, and carbon monoxide as a real cigarette does. What it does contain is nicotine a smaller amount than a regular cigarette so as to aid the smoker in his or her fight to stop smoking.