Safety of Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are extremely intense these days and how can we be too sure that it safe and if we are protected. Nobody stepped up and declared that the device is safe. It is particularly widespread in almost all places in the world. Loads of shipments of Electronic cigarettes are in the edge of almost all of the countries ports. In short, it is decidedly strong and popular. Also available in your local place it is available in stores, shopping malls, or even on the online web. Is it truly safer choice to commercialized cigars? With Electronic cigarettes you are typically not smoking. You are just puffing vapor, water vapor to be exact.

It is not tobacco but it is battery powered and initially produces a just amount of nicotine, so you are inhaling the released vapor that is combined with nicotine. So currently you are getting nicotine with the exception of tar and a number of harmful additives that are present in a regular cigarette. However, there is no hard fact that we are safe if we are using this kind of technology. To people who quitted smoking that is still curious about this device you can actually try it, at your own risk. To people who is curious of the real sensation that it brings you can try it but be wary because the price is far from a commercialized cigar. But due to some said facts, we actually cannot be so sure of its safety because there were no claim that it was studied, we just do not know how much nicotine it contains or does it have some secret components to it that is harmful? May be this device still damages our lungs in a much slower rate than a standard cigar so we genuinely can be sure of its usage.