Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. was one of the greatest entertainers ever. He crossed the color line during the 1950’s and 1960’s when it was not allowed for a Black man to be a headliner, let alone be in an interracial relationship as he was. Sammy Davis was a member of the legendary Rat Pack whose members included Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.

Sammy was a small man physically but his talents were known all over the world. He could sing, dance and act at a par that gave him very few equals. Sammy was known to have a giving nature. He gave his time and money to charities made Sammy a man loved on and off stage.

But for his entire God given talent, there was one thing that Sammy did for the majority of his life that caused him a great deal of pain later, he was a known chain smoker. Sammy smoked so much that he took his life in the form of throat cancer when he was only 64 years old. Now it is true that that the electronic cigarettes and the technology of it were not available during Sammy’s lifetime, still it does make you wonder what if. What if instead of the Marlborough Man and his cigarettes, Sammy had smoked the electronic cigarettes instead the majority of the time? Obviously Sammy probably would still be with us today because the electronic cigarettes is less harmful to the smoker in particular and those around him in general.

No one can truly say what other musical hit besides the Candyman and the theme song for the hit TV show Baretta were ready to come out of Sammy. What can definitely be said is that we will never know because Sammy smoked several packs a day of the regular cigarette and not the electronic cigarette.