Smoke Everywhere

Today everyone you look and go, there are signs that say, ‘No smoking’, ‘smoking not allowed within a certain feet of a building or only in smokers only area behind the parking lot. Smokers are getting squeezed by both the federal government and its regulations and private firms. What is a poor smoker to do? One option is to switch to an electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarettes looks like a regular cigarette. An electronic cigarette feels like a regular cigarette. An electronic cigarette gives the smoker the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. What an electronic cigarette will not do is give the smoker the flame, tobacco, tar, and carbon monoxide of a real cigarette.

The electronic cigarettes is very friendly to the environment because it produces a vapor that looks like cigarette smoke but it does not have any tobacco, tar, and ash as you would find in a traditional cigarette.  Since its electronic there is no flame to ignite it and cause further harm to the environment. And since it does not harm the environment, does not generate real smoke and ash, smokers are allowed to use the electronic cigarette in areas and places where a real cigarette is not.

So now instead of being on the outside looking in, smokers can now enjoy the fellowship of non-smokers because of the electronic cigarette. They can now go to the Los Angeles Laker game with family and friends and not be separated simply because they like to light up. They can now join co-workers in the same room as well as the same building because they are no longer restricted to the ‘smokers’ area’ only anymore.

Now instead of putting a hole in their pant pockets looking for a match or a lighter, with the electronic cigarette, smokers can simply recharge as they do their cell phones and that single charge should last the entire day for most smokers.