Smoking warnings

“Smoking kills” I can see this phrase almost everywhere. In billboards, pamphlets, pieces of paper, books, and even Television commercials. These two words are a warning system to the people who have not tried smoking yet. But the true recipient of this message is the smokers. Light or heavy it is still considered as smoking. But like deaf people, smokers seemed like they do not know how to read or even understand the meaning of such words. They enjoy Electronic cigarettes smoking too much that they do not care about the risks that they are indulging themselves to. Not to mention the high cost of their habits kill them piece by piece. Slowly grinding their body until when you realize that it is bad, it may be too late.

Stop smoking before it is too late and if you have not started it, just do not let it. Stopping smoking is hard so you have to do it step by step. This is where Electronic cigarettes swoop up. This cigar is not dangerous just like the traditional cigars because it does not contain the harmful ingredients that a commercial cigar has. Electronic cigarettes are free from nicotine which is the most dangerous element in an ordinary cigarette. By using an electronic cigarette you can free yourself from doubts and suspicions about your health. It is a way of slowly turning your back on smoking and moving a step closer to a no smoking life. Because if you keep smoking, it is just not you that you are putting in danger. It is also the people that are around you and they are more affected than you and to think that they did not do anything. Bad effects are remarkably rampant if it regards cigarette smoking so keep you mind open. Keep you loved ones or the people around you healthy by keeping yourself away from smoking and at the same time, protecting yourself.