Today it is no longer a question if smoking is dangerous to your health; it’s a question of how much. The surgeon General, the World Health organization(WHO) and countless other health advocates around the world are fighting the tobacco industry over the health of smokers far and wide.

According to the WHO, 90% of all lung cancer cases are preventable. It is a known fact by one and all that the number one cause of lung cancer is smoking. Even though the primary cause is known, its cure is far from certain. Addiction to smoking has been described by current and former smokers are like being addicted to cocaine, it is very difficult to stop.

So a billion dollar industry of tricks, medication and self-help to help smokers quit smoking has propped up almost overnight. A relative new entry into this lucrative field is the electronic cigarettes. As the name implies, it is not a real tobacco filled fire stick, rather the electronic cigarettes looks and feels like a real cigarette but it does not contain tobacco, tar, and carbon monoxide as its real cousin does. What the electronic cigarettes does provide is a sense of relief for the smoker as he and she are allowed to continue to light up as well as get their nicotine fix. For us non-smokers we are given the added health benefit of less second hand smoke as we socialize with our family members and friends who do smoke still to this day despite our pleas and prayers for them to stop.  Is the electronic cigarette the answer to our prayers for them to stop? No one knows but it so far has been a promising start.