Tar-free Electronic Cigarettes

There are many claimed benefits of using electronic cigarettes instead of actual cigarettes. One of the most significant of them, if not the most, is to avoid the harmful effects of tar contained in standard cigarettes. Smokers are exposed to various hazardous chemicals when they inhale cigarette smokes into their lungs. One of these toxins, tar, causes many smoking diseases that according to the Center for Disease Control, kills over 400,000 Americans annually, or one out of every five deaths.

electronic cigarettes were invented in order to make smoking safer, if smokers find it difficult to stop smoking altogether. It is like smoking a real cigarette but without its harmful effects. E-cigarettes are designed and manufactured differently, but the idea is virtually the same. Smokers puff on one end of the device, just like smoking a real cigarette, to produce smoke-like mist. This mist is produced when the micro-sensor built inside the device “sensed” that the user inhaled into the mouthpiece and heat-up a liquid nicotine solution contained in a cartridge. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is the power source of most of these e-cigarettes.

Different levels or strengths of nicotine are available in the market to those who want to use this device. They can choose to remain at the nicotine level that their body’s used to. Or they can choose to reduce the strength in the hope of one day being able to stop their need for nicotine. For those that like the feeling of smoking alone, there are even liquid solutions that contain no nicotine at all.

Manufacturers have also come up with different flavors that users of this device may prefer. There are tobacco flavors, menthol, even chocolate, vanilla and fruity flavors like cherry, apple, and strawberry. electronic cigarettes are designed for smokers that want to avoid all of the hazardous effects of cigarettes, which is why it is vital that these people have many choices at their disposal, as they try to break this deadly habit.