Why A Few Lawmakers Wanted The Total Banning Of Electronic Cigarettes

There are some states that have already banned public smoking as well as selling of the usual cigarette. However, with the invention of the electronic cigarette, things have totally changed. Since the manufacturers of these cigarettes have the premise that this is not the same with the usual cigarette, things are quite vague to the lawmakers.

The main reason why the usual form of electronic cigarettes was really prohibited is that they can harm the environment as well as the non smokers. The contents of the said cigarette are very fatal and can harm more the non smokers more than the smokers. This is the main reason why a lot of states have already passed a law regarding its regulation and banning.

Now, since electronic cigarettes have been in the industry for quite some time, some lawmakers have found that it might be quite time for them to act on it. There are a lot of issues surrounding the production and selling of these cigarettes. Yet, there are no laws governing them up to now. In fact, more than the health issues, the bigger issue here is on how these cigarettes are sold. The truth here is that since the main outlets of the manufacturers are online stores, there is a high possibility that minors can buy them.

Given all these reasons, some states are now making a move for the total banning of electronic cigarettes. They believe that whether it is free from dangerous content or not, it simply has to be banned. Yet, since it has brought in a huge sum of money, there are a lot of lawmakers who are also against its banning. Well, the issues here will always be issues. The lawmakers now have the final say when it comes to its regulation and banning. For now, these cigarettes are still widely available.