Your Productivity at Work and Your Electronic Cigarette

Most probably, the least expected value of using electronic cigarettes is the increased productivity of workers during their time at work. How is this so? In all enclosed work places, cigarette smoking is not permitted. This is to protect other workers from inhaling secondhand smoke, which was proven to be just as dangerous as smoking the cigarette itself. In closed quarters, this smoke can linger in the room and into other people’s lungs. In order for workers to fill their nicotine craving, they are allowed to go outside and take cigarette breaks.

Since electronic cigarettes do not emit dangerous secondhand smoke, it can be used inside closed venues, like work places. The vapor or smoke that comes out of these devices is nothing more than harmless water vapor. Users of e-cigarettes are getting their nicotine fix from the propylene glycol-based liquid solution. This solution turns into vapor or smoke after it was heated up by an atomizer inside the device. A micro-sensor turns on the atomizer once it sensed that the user draws air out of the mouthpiece.

These devices can also be used indoors because they are not fire hazards. There are no flames needed to vaporize the liquid solution; hence there is no possibility of a fire accidentally started, unlike when regular cigarettes are used. The most popular designs of these devices have red LED lights at the other end of the contraption that lights up when it’s being used. This is to simulate the experience of smoking real cigarettes without the dangers and hazards.

Workers that smoke do not need to take any cigarette breaks since they can use the electronic cigarettes while working. This, in turn, means less time spent smoking and more time spent working. Since they are getting their nicotine fix, workers don’t feel uncomfortable or agitated even if they’re not smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.